A Review: ‘No Time to Die’ thrills audience with James Bond’s latest adventure

A Review: ‘No Time to Die’ thrills audience with James Bond’s latest adventure

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When “No Time to Die” first was delayed due to COVID-19 in April 2020, many felt that this film might have been doomed. Now releasing nearly 18 months after its anticipated release date, I can safely say that “No Time to Die” is one of the best films of the franchise.

At a runtime of two hours and 43 minutes, one would expect the film to feel glacial and tiring. However every single minute of the film is utilized, and the pacing of the film is near impeccable. Whether it be high-octane fight scenes, slower moments of conversation or magnificent set pieces, “No Time to Die” engages throughout.

The greatest aspect of this film by far is Daniel Craig’s final performance as the titular James Bond. “No Time to Die” continues the tradition of Craig’s Bond being a grittier, more sensitive character as compared to previous iterations. Though some may be turned off by this, I believe the realism Craig brings to his Bond makes the character relatable and more impressive.

In addition to this, the movie is visually stunning. Throughout my watch, there were scenes where the audience I was with audibly gasped at the events on screen. Highlights include a pursuit through an old Italian town by SPECTRE agents, a daring extraction through Havana, Cuba and, lastly, the final infiltration scene in the third act. In these moments, the intensity of the film reminded me why Bond is considered the premiere spy-action franchise.

“No Time to Die” thrills and moves throughout and ultimately the film is a fitting, and more importantly, satisfying, conclusion to Daniel Craig’s tenure as the iconic 007.