Review – Tern Restaurant, Worthing Pier  Sussex’s hottest new fine-dining restaurant

Review – Tern Restaurant, Worthing Pier Sussex’s hottest new fine-dining restaurant

Opened by acclaimed 3 Rosette chef Johnny Stanford, Tern’s impressive menus are unlike anything previously seen in Worthing.  Absolute Sussex visited on a splendid sun-soaked summer evening.  The location is nothing short of spectacular; huge windows display incredible views of the sea and Sussex coastline beyond, with evening guests will be treated to award-winning sunsets. On our visit, the tide was out, starlings danced in the sky, dog walkers passed by leisurely and rock-pools were being explored. This idyllic and calming scene was perfectly matched with relaxed and unfussy decor, allowing the food and views to shine.  The staff are friendly and attentive, but laid back.  The team pride themselves on the knowledge they have of the menus and restaurant as a whole, answering questions about the more unusual ingredients with confidence.  Although a fine-dining restaurant, there is no dress code and every guest wore whatever made them feel comfortable.

The restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday, and each evening guests can choose a 5 or 7 course menu from 6.30pm. A small plates lunch menu is available during the day and come Sunday, a brunch menu is available (and has already been receiving phenomenal reviews!). Attending as evening guests, we were lucky enough to experience the 7 course tasting menu, which was as innovative as it was a work of art.  Knowing we were in very good hands, we were happy to be taken on a culinary journey that saw us sampling ingredients and flavour combinations that were totally new to us.  The food is nothing short of sensational – the use of seasonal produce is important to Johnny and the menu changes on a monthly basis, ensuring that every ingredient is at its peak in freshness and flavour.  The kitchen is in full view and diners are able to marvel at the sheer spectacle as the dishes are expertly put together.  Like a master craftsman, Johnny Stanford is fascinating to watch and learn from, making a personal appearance to our table to deliver a couple of the courses.

The wine list is particularly interesting, featuring only English wines.  The team delight in talking you through the best options to suit your taste, but for those wanting a little experimentation, a full wine pairing is available.

Worthing is becoming well known for its enviable independent food scene and Tern is undoubtedly the jewell in the crown.  We suspect that it won’t be long before Worthing receives it’s first Michelin star, thanks to Johnny. Reservations can only be made a few weeks in advance, so we urge you to book in quickly.  With space for only 25 diners, Tern is Sussex’s hottest ticket this summer!