Goodwood house

Goodwood House

The Goodwood House is a cherished Sussex treasure with an intrinsic historical significance, it has been the home of the Duke of Richmond for over three hundred years.

In the house you will find an art collection like no other, with masterpieces from the stand of time. You can come and see these at the house open days which last from March to October or spend time here during the Festival of Speed- the most important event of the season.

The most iconic celebration at the house had to be the Jubilee Moment where an incredible military band marched and played at the front of the house which ended with a daylight fireworks display from the roof and two huge Union Jacks being unfurled, dropping down either side of the portico.

The second Duke of Richmond was a true ‘Renaissance Man’ whose interests spanned everything from cricket and hunting, art and architecture, to natural history and gardening, which explains the truly outstanding décor of the house and the evens that you can come and enjoy.

Goodwood House
Kennel Hill,
PO18 0PX

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