Brighton Fringe Show Announcement MEL BYRON: STANDING AT THE BACK by Mel Byron

We all know someone with that confident swagger. Were they born that way? And can the rest of us get it? These questions have bothered comedian, Mel Byron, for most of her (relatively long) adult life. After decades of standing at the back herself, refusing compliments and letting others take credit, Mel decided to step forward and finally let her light shine. But it’s not so easy, especially with so many external factors affecting our view of ourselves. Blame the parents?

This is a show for anyone who’s ever experienced self-doubt, which is most of us. Laugh along in recognition as Mel fumbles her way to the front. Along the way, she’ll be talking science, history and hairdos, with positive affirmations and ballroom dancing thrown in for good measure.

Mel Byron is a London-based comedian who came to comedy in middle age, having worked for years in ‘proper’, if unsatisfactory, jobs. This is her third appearance at the Brighton Fringe. Her previous shows have also appeared at the Edinburgh, Manchester and Faversham Fringes.

‘May just make your day.’  – The Scotsman

‘Simply Superb.’  – Treehouse Comedy

Title will be at Sweet at the Welly (Venue 18 / 81) from 28th to 29th of May, 2022 at 17.40 (60min) with tickets priced at £8/£6 (concs) Brighton Fringe Web Link: