Weezy, the UK’s leading on-demand grocer, launches in Brighton on Monday 29th March

Weezy, the UK’s leading on-demand grocer, launches in Brighton on Monday 29th March

After a hugely successful first year in London, and it’s launch in Bristol earlier this month, Weezy is continuing with it’s national expansion into the Brighton area.

From Monday, the residents of Brighton can select from a wide, but carefully curated range of 2,000 products, including: fresh fruit and veg, meat and dairy, alcohol, life’s essentials, popular brands and snacks. As well as working with wholesalers, Weezy also sources quality groceries from independent bakers, butchers and breweries to provide customers with fresh, localised offerings.

All products are sustainably delivered, by bike or electric moped, and are offered at retail prices. Plus, Weezy has an average delivery time of 15 minutes or less and prides itself on being the the friendliest team of riders in the business.

Kristof Van Beveren, Co-founder and CEO of Weezy said “We know that people in Brighton are busy but also value getting the best quality from their groceries, so we are coming to make sure they never have to worry about running out of fresh goods again as the second the realise they need something they can order with Weezy and it will be delivered in minutes.”

He goes on to say “We can’t wait to start getting to know our new customers and are really excited to work with local businesses to expand their offerings to a wider customer base. If you want a beer on the beach or a picnic in the park you can rely on us to get you what you need so you can just sit back and live your best life.”

Customers can sign up now by downloading the Weezy app on the App Store and Google Play.