Volk’s Electric Railway

The world’s oldest operating electric railway, The Volk’s Electric Railway invites you to see the history of the marvellous railway tracks and take a ride on one of the many trains that run every 15 minutes to journey from Aquarium Station all the way to Black Rock Station that is home to the Marina, shops, restaurants and cinemas.

This railway allows you to travel to anything you desire, with even a children’s playground close to the Halfway station making it the perfect opportunity for a family fun trip.

Travel in style in the famous electric cars of Volk’s Railway and learn of the interesting history that is hidden beneath the tracks. With events all year round, there is something for everyone, including meetings held that allow you to learn and engage with the post-war era and gain information from many local historians like Brian Boddy who can teach you all about the transport systems.

Volk’s Electric Railway
Volk’s Electric Railway Visitor Centre,
Madeira Dr,

Tel: 01273 292718