THE MUST SEE SHOW OF BRIGHTON FRINGE The Night After Hours Circus Cabaret Show Review

THE MUST SEE SHOW OF BRIGHTON FRINGE The Night After Hours Circus Cabaret Show Review

“What happens in the Night stays in the Night”

You may have heard some buzz surrounding “The Night” already? The all new After Hours Circus Cabaret From the producers of The Ladyboys of Bangkok, Cirque Surreal, The Chinese State Circus and the Krystal Kabaret, Dubai. Featuring “An eclectic mix of the world finest cabaret and cirque artistes in an immersive spectacle of physicality, comedy live music and the outright bizarre. We paid them a visit on their opening night and let me tell you the entire show was nothing short of spectacular!

I look forward to Brighton Fringe every year, for me it marks the beginning of the Spring/Summer season where our wonderful town begins to come alive. My wife and I try to take in a few shows every year, enjoy the ambience around town at this wonderful time of year, and dance till we drop at the Spiegel Tent. Having seen the cheesetastic spectacle that is The Ladyboys of Bangkok a few times over the years, we were super excited when we arrived at the  Sabai Pavillion on St Peter’s Square just before 10pm. Crowds had already gathered in the gardens chatting and enjoying pre-drinks and the atmosphere was electric. As we were let in and ushered to our seats I took a look round the familiar decadent surroundings that I had not set eyes on in over two years. If anything the decor looked even more effete than I remember from previous visits, and was comforting to find all the recommended precautions are being adhered to. Tables are scattered around the room seating between two and six people in their own marked out squares that you can dance in if the mood takes you (and it will). Face masks have to be worn anywhere else in the tent. Do not worry though, these measures certainly did not affect our enjoyment of the evening in the slightest!

On to the show itself, and without spoiling the surprises too much I have to say we were entranced and amazed throughout the night. Each and every act we witnessed was world class, they simply have to be seen to be believed and the raunchy  hostess Missy Crackers kept everyone entertained from beginning to end.  We were a utterly stunned by awe-inspiring rollerblading and tightrope walking acrobats, entranced by the most graceful contortionist I have ever seen, and winced on more than one occasion when the impressive sword swallower graced the stage. We laughed and cheered during the crazy comedy acts and were utterly enchanted by the musical numbers. The final act is something really special that had the whole audience captivated and astounded by the sheer feats of strength and balance. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Whether you are a regular Fringe goer or just if you do one thing this festival make sure you see this show at least once. I have not ever laughed, cheered, clapped and danced so much in one night as much as I did at The Night and have already booked up to see the show again.


The Night – Brighton 2021

Brighton St Peter’s Square, York Place, BN1 4GU