The Daddy Long Legs Pub Brighton Review

Eighteenth century Brighton saw a rise in fashion and tourism. The continued urban and industrial revolution resulted in enhanced railway services making it easy to visit this seaside gem. As desire increased to live and visit Brighton, this prompted the proliferation of many industries.

Brighton’s popularity grew and so did the demand for everything from dress makers to Inn keepers. In 1850 The Bush Inn was the only property on Arundel Road, Kemptown. It would, however, be another forty years before the rest of the street was developed. Fast forward nearly seventy years, numerous owners, a name change and in 2018 this historic tavern was given a new lease of life and reopened as The Daddy Long Legs.

The owners of The Plotting Parlour, a hugely successful, eclectic and chic cocktail bar in Kemptown have recently and, after a mighty refurbishment, opened an ‘escape from city life’ as an informal and beautifully restored pub with a fully-grassed garden which allows you to escape from reality and enjoy a slice of nature.

The pub’s name honours the legacy of the unique Brighton to Rottingdean Seashore Electric ‘Volks Railway,’ also fondly referred to as The Daddy Long Legs due to the four twenty-three foot high stilts that held the fort-five ton carriage as it cruised along the seashore.

The laid-back Daddy Long Legs team are wonderfully welcoming and help to create a perfectly chilled atmosphere in a calm and vibrant space. Premium spirits, local sparkling wine and a distinctive wine list make this establishment stand out from the crowd and of course there are a few cheeky cocktails for those Plotting Parlour enthusiasts.

The bar is currently open and serving top quality meat and cheese platters to accompany your refreshments. Jake Goldstein the General Manager said that the kitchen will follow offering a variety of delights.  This is a true neighbourhood pub in a suburb of the city that has craved a local watering hole. The focus is on quality and creating the perfect informal local, it’s dog-friendly and in a space this size the team have managed to maintain a cosy element with the private areas as well as the main open plan bar space.

The décor is chic with wooden floors, a modern bar area and reupholstered bar stools giving an old meets new feel.  It’s the kind of place that you can pop into after a long Sunday walk in your wellies or spruce up for a Saturday night out.  The Daddy Long Legs is casual and friendly and I am over the moon that this charming pub is at the end of my road. In fact I can already highly recommend the Brighton Spritz! The Daddy Long Legs launched this week and I took the opportunity to ask the team a few questions.

1. From The Plotting Parlour to The Daddy Long Legs. How did this come about? How did you come up with the name?

We saw an amazing opportunity with a site in a side of Brighton where there has never really been anything like it before. There was a gap in the market to put in a more premium venue for people that have always had to travel into the centre of Brighton. The pub was big and beautiful and we fell in love with it straight away. It was perhaps a risky move to open a venue like this so far out of town but one that we truly believe it will pay off for us and all those in the surrounding areas.

The name is based on the old daddy longlegs railway that went over the sea at the turn of the twentieth century. This is an awesome piece of history that we wanted to celebrate and we have original posters and even a bolt used to hold the original structure together!!

2. What makes this pub different from others?

We are going to focus on challenging the level of service you can receive in a pub. Whilst it will still be a relaxed environment we will have bar and floor staff to make each guest feel properly looked after. The staff are also thoroughly trained in our rotating blackboard wine list that offers 18 wines by the glass. As well as this, we have a huge range of Sussex fizz and an ever-expanding offering of batched cocktails.

3. How and why did you pick this location. How long did it take to find. Did you have to invest in much restorative work? I heard the garden is sensational.

We spent seven months doing the refit meticulously making sure that everything is perfect. We probably could have done it quicker but we didn’t want to. We wanted to do it right. With our loyal team of workman, we full refurbed the garden and venue to create something homely but still fresh and modern to contrast with our other venue. We have to be one of very few pub gardens in Brighton with grass which we are very proud of. There is also space to start growing some fruit and herbs for our cocktail menu at the Plotting Parlour.

4. The Plotting Parlour is known for incredible cocktails…Will you be serving cocktails?

We will be focusing on batched cocktails from bottles, aged in barrels and several other interesting ways of serving cocktails efficiently with high levels of consistency and quality. We are also making flavoured gins ourselves and currently we have a raspberry and a rhubarb on the back bar.

5. Do you offer food? What type of cuisine?

We have a big kitchen which is currently still in the process of being refurbished but we also have a meat slicer and fridges on the countertop by the bar so we will be offering boards to share and nibble on to go with our extensive wine list

6. Why should our readers pop along?

For a friendly relaxed atmosphere, great drinks and a beautiful venue.