The Airbnb serviced accommodation revolution  

The Airbnb serviced accommodation revolution

Whether you are a fan or not, no-one can deny the rise and rise of the Airbnb platform over the last few years. Airbnb, along with other providers, have revolutionised the serviced accommodation industry and the guest experience has been transformed.

This is particularly prevalent in seaside destinations such as Brighton; a popular choice for holiday makers and business travellers alike, as well as for hen weekends and stag parties. All of which are very lucrative in terms of potential income for the City.

This can provide an opportunity for property owners, as well as potential issues for neighbouring properties, depending on how the property is managed.

The Downside of short-term rentals
Having a short term ‘holiday’ let looks good for income, home owners see pound signs flash in front of their eyes, but there a downside. Managing an Airbnb is intensive work, with high levels of guest turnover and property maintenance. Gone are the days where Airbnb meant just a spare bedroom, now dedicated properties are set up specifically for tourist and professional visitors alike.

Guest expectations have also risen, basics such as fresh linen and sparkling cleanliness are a minimum. For the property owner, there are a stack of maintenance issues and general management that is required to keep the Airbnb running efficiently. On top of this, owners need to ensure guests follow house rules and proactively manage the property, to prevent any disturbances to neighbours.

Back to the positives of Airbnb
However, while there undoubtedly some costs and pitfalls of an Airbnb holiday let there are plenty of positives. Thanks to Airbnb and similar providers, these advertising platforms are well known and secure.  The property owners not only benefit from the extra income, but also retain tighter control of their property. Additionally, there are also certain tax benefits too, compared to traditional long term lets.

Overall it all makes sense, but there are challenges that many property owners struggle with; finding time and having the knowledge to set up and manage their Airbnb property effectively.

How to effectively manage your Airbnb property
Many property owners struggle to manage the process themselves. However, savvy owners look for a company to assist with this often-daunting process and to help manage their property, to take the weight off their shoulders. Such companies have dedicated housekeeping and maintenance staff to ensure their properties meet the standards expected by guests.

Taking an Airbnb property further
There are numerous companies that can assist property owners manage their short term let, most have been specifically established to service the Airbnb phenomena.

After a bit of research, we have found a company that seems to tick all the boxes. They manage every aspect of an Airbnb holiday let, to ensure a unique customer focused experience for the guest and maximum hassle-free income for the property owner.

Founded by Viktoriia Khorish, My Fab House is no ordinary Airbnb management company. With a passion for bespoke interior design and providing a unique customer focused experience, Viktoriia is starting her own mini revolution in the City of Brighton.

Expert knowledge
Not so long ago, all short term let accommodation felt very much the same, with bland décor, predictable art prints and average customer service. My Fab House company is small, so it really focuses on each property in its portfolio.  This unique company takes a property and using their expert knowledge work at every stage with the owner, to maximise its potential.

If required the entire property can be given an interior design makeover with high quality furniture, funky décor, all topped off with five-star quality linen to ensure supreme levels of comfort. Bespoke extras such as a hair and make-up bar and chill out areas can be included, where possible, to enhance the guest experience. Most companies don’t go this far in creating an Airbnb holiday let but Viktoriia and her team dream big. They then analyse the market to maximise occupancy and rental income.

My Fab House ensures a guest experience and exceptional levels of service and management. They also employ a security company, so regular patrols also ensure that the guests are behaving in the property and vitally that neighbours are not being disturbed.

A unique guest experience
My Fab House know their customers and they understand the challenges faced by every Airbnb holiday let owner. There is huge competition, with thousands of holiday let choices just in Brighton alone, so the successful owner has to make their property stand out from the crowd. This starts with the interior design, but other little extras really help. Guests are provided with tea, coffee, fresh milk and a quality pod coffee machine as standard. They also have access to Netflix as well as an Amazon Echo linked to the Amazon music library. But the guest experience goes further…

Pamper partners
Guests also have a choice of a range of in-house pamper packages as an extra. My Fab House’s pamper partners can really add value to the overall experience; guests can have their own private chef, a yoga instructor, or they can learn to make cocktails. They can even have a full hair, beauty and spa salon come into the home, so they can look like a million dollars for a night on the town. Suddenly what was once an ordinary Airbnb becomes an entire experience, this makes a My Fab House property stand out above the competition.

The perfect partnership
Viktoriia and My Fab House have set a new standard in the Airbnb sector for both property owners and their guests. Today, people want something different, they expect more than just the basic comforts of home and they demand the very best. My Fab House delivers a unique and outstanding experience for the guest, which translates into increased profits for the property owner.