Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms

Male grooming over the past years has stepped up a notch, with more barbershops popping up, however, there is one that seems to stand out from the crowd, one that is heard time and time again when people are asking for recommendations, and that is Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms.

Their Seven Dials location on Dyke Road is always buzzing with a friendly atmosphere, here customer service is their priority. With even a complementary beer at hand, you just can’t resist a branded “Teddy Edwards IPA.”

Their famous product has to be their “Snake Bite” which is used to open up the pores and prevent shaving rashes which a lot of men can relate to, having an itchy neck is not something you want to leave a barbers with.

The creator of Teddy Edwards, Alex has been in the industry for over twenty-five years and brings his skills and finesse to his styling. Truly humbled by his success, he consistently provides great customer service alongside his skilled team making sure that everyone has a great experience.

Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms
85 Dyke Rd,

Tel: 01273 206373