Teddy Edwards A Expert Brighton Based Barber

It’s not very often that one gets the opportunity to have a casual conversation with the owner of a successful and extremely busy business. So, when I got the chance to quiz Alex at Teddy Edwards on the success of his ‘brand’, I leapt at the chance!

One of the things I love most about going into the barbers is the atmosphere. That heavy scent of hair related products, mixed with the low hum of one to one conversation between two men – one the client and the other the professional. It’s one of the few places, in my humble opinion, where men get the chance to relax and push aside the day’s stresses knowing that judgments won’t be passed for the next twenty to thirty minutes. And to me, this is exactly what Teddy Edwards represents.

Forget about the ‘Wham Bam Thank You Mam’ you might be used to at other establishments, because Teddy Edwards isn’t a place to just get your hair cut, it’s a place to take a load off, and if you’re lucky, have a beer. Seriously, a beer. So, what could be better than having your hair cut, and then casually being asked if you fancy a cold one? Ok, I could think of something, but let’s not forget where we are…

After the customary greetings and a quick chitchat, I got myself seated, and asked Alex what Teddy Edwards meant to him.  The simple answer was, “a passion”. And folks, that’s what it’s all about. You can see it in the way the staff are happy to be working, and the way the place has been decked out. It’s snazzy, it’s fun, and dare I say it, it’s on trend.

The entire place, from the bronze mirror swivels and the taps, down to the Japanese barbers sign which stands as a glorious centre piece have all be sourced by Alex himself, and as if that wasn’t enough, Alex told me he’s put his own blood sweat and tears into the actual renovation of the building too! “I was doing a full day at our shop in Hove, then coming here and laying floorboards till ten in the evening…”

To me it makes sense though, Alex has that vibe about him. A can-do attitude that gets things done, which is why when you ask for a buzz cut and a beard trim you know that you’ll leave as clean as a whistle, and as sharp as a thistle.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all this is going to come at some unaffordable cost. But, you’d be wrong. Given I spent a good forty-five minutes in the chair, (and a right royal treatment to boot) it only cost me £22… Yes, that’s right, £22. So, in a city where the prices of just about everything in the service industry are sky rocketing it’s good to know that such a swish establishment as this can cater to all. Young and old.

When I told Alex that nearly everyone has heard of Teddy Edwards, he simple smiled and looked off into the distance for a moment, obviously wondering whether he should respond to my statement. After a second or two he resumed my beard trim, and said quietly to me that “I don’t like to boast, but we’ve won several awards over the past couple of years. Even up against some of the big names in London…” He went on to explain that it’s not about beating people, but about achieving something. And that’s why I think his brand works. It’s not about getting one over on people and boasting about your success, but it’s more about how your business best represents you, and the place it’s in. And that’s the point. Teddy Edwards offers something different, something slick, and something very much ‘Brighton’.

By Benjamin Elliott.