Patty and Bun

Brighton has its fair share of amazing burger joints; however, Patty and Bun truly stands out form the rest.

In the heart of Brighton, on Ship Street is Patty and Bun, filled with the typical décor of a new age burger joint, complete with dark lighting and an open plan kitchen where you can see the chefs busily going about their craft.

With a selection of cocktails and scrumptious milkshakes you are bound to have a fun and lively experience as you treat yourself to the “triple chocolate milkshake” served with a shot of dark rum that enhances the taste buds.

The sensibly priced no-nonsense menu has many burgers to choose from, all with innovative names like “Smokey Robinson” and “Lambshank Redemption”, making it quirky and perfect for a family meal. Not only this, but you can make any burger vegetarian by replacing the patty with a fried cheese fritter, which is amazing- catering for everyone, with vegan options too. The sides are equally impressive, the “PFC” chicken thighs are piping hot and just the right amount of juicy.

At Patty and Bun you will be in the heavens of glorious food.

Patty & Bun
56 Ship St,

Tel: 01273 729388

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