Paradise Park

Paradise Park invites you to take on an adventure like no other as you enter Sussex’s own Jurassic Park!

This thrilling theme park remains one of the top tourist attractions in Sussex, providing a jam-packed day with educational fun and lots to see.

Take a stroll into the Planet Earth Museum, wonder around the heritage trail and gardens, or spend all day in the ultimate playzone!

Their famous museum invites you to explore the fascinating life story of planet Earth, where you can learn about its beginnings to present day and even see the fossils of the dinosaurs who once roamed on Earth. Enter the playzone and marvel at the themed play areas with Tyrannousaurus Towers, the huge Trisassic Treetops Adventure Play and an exciting indoor play area where you will find tunnels, slides and much more.

You can stop and refuel in their new coffee shop where you can munch on delicious food and a cream tea as you embrace the history that surrounds you. Paradise Park ensures you of a great day out with events all year and something for everyone.

Paradise Park
Avis Rd,

Tel: 01273 512123

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