Light at the End of Lockdown! Shake Shack Partners with Chef Neil Rankin to Introduce the Vegan Crispy Shallot Burger

Available at all UK Shacks for a limited time, beginning 12th April

To mark the 12th April re-opening in true Shack style, Shake Shack is thrilled to introduce  Shack fans + vegan friends to the Crispy Shallot Burger, a bespoke vegan patty created in collaboration with Chef Neil Rankin, topped with smoky cheddar, beer-marinated crispy shallots, lettuce, and tangy Dijonnaise sauce on a toasted potato bun – all 100% vegan.

Starting on 12th April, the Crispy Shallot Burger will be available at all UK Shacks for outdoor dining, takeaway and delivery for a limited time only.

Made from roasted mushrooms and onion, miso, bulgur wheat and a blend of spices, Chef Neil Rankin and Jim Frisch, Shake Shack Director of Culinary + Product Development, developed a vegan patty that is deeply savory, with a subtle smokiness.

Chef Neil Rankin commented: “With Shake Shack being a big influencer with my own plant-based burger journey it was surreal and an honour to be involved in developing something original for them to use. I’ve always been a believer in umami, smoke and spice is the key to living our best life; and this is the ethos this patty is founded on. I think it is important for a burger to be made of real delicious food not just weird powders and proteins and that’s what you get, smashed on a grill and stuck in a bun with beer marinated crispy shallots, dijonnaise and no compromises made.”

Jim Frisch, Director, Culinary and Product Development, Shake Shack, adds: “We couldn’t be more excited to bring this delicious burger to our Shack fans and vegan friends! Working with Chef Neil Rankin, we developed a one-of-a-kind vegan patty that delivers on everything we love about a great burger – decadent, juicy, satisfying and packed full of umami flavor. Our Crispy Shallot Burger is a new, plant-based twist, on some of our Shack classics. Topped with beer-marinated crispy shallots, smoky vegan cheddar and a tangy dijonnaise sauce, this burger is sure to please. We can’t wait for you to try it!”

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