G&H Spirits is set to shake up the premium gin sector with its new flagship Initial Gin range.

G&H Spirits is set to shake up the premium gin sector with its new flagship Initial Gin range.

The new line-up comprises three gins to suit all occasions and tastes, with flavours to delight casual gin drinkers and aficionados alike. LDN is the brand’s signature London Dry; BST (British Summer Time) is a fresh, floral gin for lazy days in the garden; while OTG (Old Tom Gin) gives the traditional Old Tom flavours a new, contemporary vibrancy and indulgence.

Each is based on a small number of carefully selected botanicals to avoid overcomplicating the flavours and making the individual components easy to identify and appreciate. All three gins are distilled in a traditional copper still for authenticity and quality assurance.

G&H Spirits is the creation of Katie Overton-Hart. Each Initial Gin’s name consists of a three-letter abbreviation, inspired by the fact that she’s universally known by her initials, KOH.

Katie enjoyed a successful career in the live events industry before deciding to pursue her dream of creating her own spirits brand. Forthright, confident, determined and uncompromising, the brand is very much a reflection of her own personality, and aims to empower and inspire consumers: Katie describes Initial Gin as ‘a gin busy people can choose with confidence and feel good about’.

She explains, ‘As an emerging, challenger brand, we literally bring something new to the party. In our busy, always-on world, we’re constantly being asked to make choices and decisions. When it comes to choosing a gin, you don’t want to work that hard. Initial Gin is simple, honest and unpretentious, making it easy to choose a great-tasting, high-quality gin, whatever your individual tastes and however you want to enjoy it’.

Initial Gin is available now individually in 70cl bottles and a tasting kit containing one 5cl bottle of each gin. For further information and to place an order, please visit www.georgieandhenners.co.uk