Brighton Dome

Brighton Dome

Brighton Dome, the South Coast’s premier multi-arts venue, has produced over 600 events spanning music, theatre, dance, comedy, literature, spoken word, film, visual arts, digital and much more.

With live entertainment, the Dome has performances that last for a lifetime with a year-round programme that features something for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention, they produce for all time famous internationally acclaimed Brighton Festival that promotes mixed-arts celebration and invites you embark on a music adventure where music is played from all around the world.

If you desire to learn the arts, Brighton Dome offers Saturday morning singing to theatrical make-up workshops which let you flaunt your creativity and is perfect for an exciting activity to start your day. With a rich history spanning over 200 years, the building itself provides the perfect space to bring the arts alive as they perform in history set in stone and allows you to embrace the marvellous culture.

Brighton Dome
Church St,

Tel: 01273 709709