Boho Gelato

Boho Gelato on Ship Street has been one of Brighton’s go-to foodie destinations for a hot summers day where you can grab yourself only the best ice cream from this proud parlour.

Seb Cole, the mind behind Boho Gelato as a former mixologist is not shy of experimenting quirky, tasty flavours.

Everything is made on site using only the best quality, locally sourced ingredients, a state-of-the-art Gelato machine, lots of skill, care and attention, and a sensitive palate to make sure the Gelato is perfection.

Their style of Gelato has a very low air content, plus lower fat and sugar than other ice creams which means it is very dense and luxurious, but also fresh tasting and sweet.

Delve into their favourite flavours, “Sea Salt Caramel”, “Soul Cherry”, and “Carrot Cake” or even try their exceptional vegan flavours, made with water, soya and rice milk, in which they make over one hundred ever changing options, one of which being the “Peanut Butter Caramel Sorbet” allowing everyone to come and indulge Brighton’s favourite ice cream.

Boho Gelato
31 Ship St,

Tel: 01273727205

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