Beyond Skyes Project By Stefano Perrone Nemophotographer

Stefano Perrone. For the last few years I have been involved deeply within the scientific research community in particular within astronomy which I love. I have devoted myself completely to photographing the night skies around the world to try and capture the sheer majesty . I have captured some truly breathtaking images that I am proud of and that I would like to share with you, I was lucky enough to have been able to spend many months taking these images is such amazing locations around the world where the nights skies are just beyond compare, locations including the Maldives, the Dolomites and Sardinia, although Their all positioned on opposite sides of the globe but all share one thing in common: utterly breathtaking skies!

The creation of these photographs was only possible thanks to the use of technologies and software tools I use without which it would have been almost impossible for me to produce the quality of images you are now seeing, specifically thanks to the extreme precision and amazing image clarity of the Irix lenses and Edge filters. I was able to capture the Milky Way as never before seen but above all thanks to the use of the Star Walk2app mobile software created by the prestigious Vito technology which uses official information directly from ESA (European Space Agency) an unparalleled app that allowed me to pinpoint where and when I needed to be in order to photograph Milky Way too its maximum potential and splendour, this is achieved with extreme precision and simplicity.

This project was born thanks to the collaboration of these 3 prestigious international brands: IRIX LENSES & VITO TECHNOLOGY and extra thanks to my media partner (ABSOLUTE MAGAZINE) I am proud to have worked with now for the last 3 years and publishing with into their luxury travel titles. Thank you for bringing the stars a little bit closer to everyone!