Anne of Cleves House Museum

If you are a history fanatic, make sure that you add Anne of Cleves House Museum to the list of historical sites that you must see in Sussex. Located in Lewes, the museum is surrounded by history and is the best example of a late medieval building in the area. Dating back to the 17th century, the Anne of Cleves House formed part of Anne’s annulment settlement from Henry VIII, based on the tale we all know and have learnt about.

This museum provides a fascinating educational day out as you are taken into the house that stood in Tudor times. Learn how a Tudor would have lived as you explore the different rooms from kitchens to bedrooms -all furnished as they would have been, letting you walk in their footsteps.

The house is open to show and boast the Museum of Lewes History and the Wealden Iron Gallery, presenting the work and renaissance of Tudor times. This museum welcomes you to marvel at the beauty and detail of the house and is surrounded by the Tudor tea garden and café where you can enjoy some cream tea and fine dining, both a perfect way to end an enjoyable day out.

Anne of Cleves House Museum
52 Southover High St,

Tel: 01273 474610

Mon-Fri: 11am–3pm