Andrew Kay’s traditional, classic stag and deer designs are set to be most popular, as are small groups of sculpture over single pieces.

Andrew Kay Sculpture in Cumbria specialises in beautiful, hand-welded wildlife garden sculptures made from solid mild steel. The work of Andrew Kay can be seen gracing the landscape throughout the world and his client list, of both private collectors and public bodies, includes British peers and celebrities – from counts and viscountess’s to Richard Curtis, Sir Tom Stoppard and John Bishop.

Here, Andrew Kay provides a rundown of the top garden sculpture trends he expects to see in the new year.

1.     Sculpture boom

“We have been incredibly fortunate as a business, and since lockdown have experienced an increased demand for our garden sculptures. During May 2020 particularly, turnover increased 200 percent year on year and, at the moment, this shows no signs of slowing. Investing in our homes and gardens seems to have taken priority as a result of the pandemic. Our customers seem to be spending more time than ever at home and what they would normally be spending their money on – whether that might be travelling or socialising – seems to have been restricted to a large extent.”

2.     Traditional, classic designs

“We think customers will be choosing traditional designs over newer models in 2021. We are seeing this trend already with our classic stag and deer pieces being the most popular. We think a demand for solid, classical and traditional styles might be connected to feelings of uncertainty, which many people are experiencing at the moment, and perhaps about the year ahead.”

3.     Sculptures for smaller gardens & urban spaces

“This is something we have been noticing recently. We seem to be seeing more customers who live in cities and urban areas buying garden sculptures, and people with smaller garden spaces are also interested in pieces. Maybe this is down to the fact that everyone with an outdoor space, however small, is seeking to make it more special.”

4.     Small groups over single pieces

“Another trend we think will continue into the New Year is around orders for sculptures in pairs or in threes. Our stag and doe combination is really very popular at the moment, as is our small herd of three. Perhaps this is reflective of the national mood? Small groups of sculptures suggest community and togetherness rather than isolation – which so many of us have experienced during the pandemic. Fortunately, our sculptures don’t need to socially distance!”

Andrew Kay Sculpture is an award winning 27-year old British sculpture business based in Cumbria. The business was founded by sculptor Andrew Kay in 1993 to make original, handmade, stunningly beautiful wildlife sculptures from solid mild steel. Andrew creates his sculptures alongside his wife Anneley and three Labradors in Beckside Studio, a converted barn set in the wild hills of his native Cumbria.